Direct Distributor
Lantern Lane Entertainment has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment business. The principal, David Garber, has been a hands on distribution executive throughout his career. He has worked theatrical, and has long-standing personal relationships with all of the key exhibition companies and personnel. The company can directly distribute theatrical on a service-for-hire/rent-a-system deal if you so desire. Lantern Lane does not put up P&A but can create and execute a full theatrical distribution and marketing campaign. Lantern Lane distributed two films in the last 24 months and was ranked in the top 100 US distributors in the theatrical marketplace. We have the knowledge, the experience, the resources and the relationships to provide successful and profitable theatrical distribution services.

In the home entertainment business, David Garber is considered a veteran and pioneer, having successfully helped launch DVD in North America and helped manage several video labels. While at LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, he was a founding vice president of the DVD video group, which was responsible for spreading the word and encouraging consumers to adopt this new format. He produced the very first moving menu DVD for Madonna’s: Truth or Dare, and the first menu with sound for Platoon. This experience and his management background in home video makes Lantern Lane a viable option for distribution. The company has several output arrangements with existing video labels that allow them to offer direct distribution as a service and partnership for its clients.

The Television business has changed dramatically over the last few years. Throughout these changes Lantern Lane has been considered, and is one of the best sources for direct distribution of television properties. The company has licensed over $50 million in contracts since its inception. David Garber’s personal relationships with buyers extend over his 20 years of experience in this arena. At Lantern Lane, we know all of the opportunities, the players, and the best deals possible for your product in television.

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