Docu on murderer shown at Amnest Intl. Event

Tuesday night's photo op for "Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer" and "Monster" was like a conservative's nightmare about Hollywood lefties: The Amnesty Intl. benefit featured a docuabout a serial killer, diatribes against the death penalty -- all at the Museum of Tolerance.

Docu unspooled after a series of remarks linking treatment of serial killers at Nuremberg to Aileen Wuornos' execution in Florida under Jeb Bush's directive. Afterward, the docu's co-director Nick Broomfield and Charlize Theron, who stars in Newmarket's dramatized film abut Wuornos, fielded mostly sympathetic questions about America's first known female serial killer.

The aud keyed in on Wuornos' mercurial nature -- she gives Broomfield the finger at one point in the Lantern Lane Entertainment docu -- and her legal predicament in the queries. One aud member, however, asked the thesp the more obvious preemworthy query: Did she gain weight for the role.

"Everything about her was like the map of her life," Theron explained. "Once I tapped into the emotional part, the physical part came."

Also on hand, rumpled helmer Phillip Noyce whispering to Bai Ling, Brooke Adams and Heidi Fleiss, subject of Broomfield's docu "Hollywood Madam."

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